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The Friends supports the Animal Shelter

Designed to meet Haywood County’s needs for the next 25+ years, the Haywood County Animal Shelter is centrally located within the county, with room for future growth. With the help of a feasibility study and cost analysis, the county arrived at a cost-effective design that provides a safe, sanitary, inviting space for both humans and animals in need, including:

  • Separate functional areas for animal adoptions, intakes, animal medical services and community education

  • A specially designed HVAC system which will prevent spread of disease, and provide quarantine areas

  • An inviting lobby/reception for adopting families

  • Separate entrance for the admission of animals

  • 2 free-roaming community cat rooms for adoptable cats

  • Canine kennels with access to outdoor exercise area

  • “Get acquainted” rooms for adopters and pets

  • Basic medical supplies and equipment

  • Separate isolation rooms for dogs and cats

  • Storage areas for food, crates, supplies, equipment, etc.

“The Haywood County Animal Shelter was designed after careful analysis of the County needs and assessed by Animal Arts, a very highly respected Animal Shelter consultant. The shelter is designed to be a comfortable and healthy environment for the animals and for the staff, with the resources and space needed for the present and for future needs, with budget and sustainability as a priority.”

Randy Cunningham

Architect, AIA

Economic Impact

The support provided to animals and their forever families is immeasurable. Your financial contribution not only supports community members, but our local economy.

  • Over 14,000 Haywood County residents are interested in animal welfare

  • More than 210 local jobs are supported by pet owners in Haywood County

  • Pet owners in Haywood County contribute over $43 million to the local economy per year, and over $1 million of that comes from pets adopted from our shelter

  • In total, pet ownership contributes over $70 per Haywood County resident per year. In comparison, the new shelter will cost just $2.30 in taxes per resident per year


"I am most thankful to the Friends organization for helping us pay for our foster (now forever) pup Mocha's heartworm treatments. If it wasn't for Friends, Mocha may not be here today."

Kimber Warlick

Foster Mom turned Adoptive Mom

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