HCAS Friends | Economic Impact
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Economic Impact

The new Haywood County Animal Shelter gives back to the local economy and provides animals and county residents with the services they need for the next 25+ years.


The Facts


  • Over 14,000 Haywood County residents are interested in animal welfare
  • More than 210 local jobs are supported by pet owners in Haywood County.
  • Pet owners in Haywood County contribute over $43 million to the local economy per year, and over $1 million of that comes from pets adopted from our shelter.
  • In total, pet ownership contributes over $70 per Haywood County resident per year. In comparison, the new shelter will cost just $2.30 in taxes per resident per year.
  • The new shelter will be paid for in sales taxes of $2.30 per resident, and NO property tax monies.




Show your support for animals in need, and make an investment in our local community by making a gift today.