HCAS Friends | Financials
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Through a combination of public and private support, the new Haywood County Animal Shelter will satisfy our community’s needs for the next 25 years and beyond.


A federal loan of $3.4 million has been secured to build the facility, and will be funded at a cost of approximately $2.30 per Haywood County resident each year out of sales tax dollars. To be clear, the facility will NOT be funded by property taxes.


The Friends are committed to raising $1 million by October 2017 to furnish the facilities with the essential items and equipment needed to be fully functional, welcoming and efficient. We have already raised a significant amount. You can help us bridge the gap and open the shelter.


Donations to date

Goal: $1,000,000
Total raised to date: $717,613
Left to raise: $282,387


You make the difference!

Make an investment in the new shelter today by purchasing a Naming Opportunity or Making an Online Gift.