HCAS Friends | Statements of Support
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Statements of Support

A Value to Haywood County


“A new animal shelter is much needed in Haywood County. Not only will the facility make the care of animals more humane and efficient, it makes a statement about the kind of county we want to be.”

– Mark Swanger, Chairman of Board of Commissioners


Reducing Sickness and Euthanasia


“With partnerships between our shelter and animal advocacy groups, the shelter’s live release rate increased from 30% for cats and 40% for dogs in 2000 to nearly 90% in 2015. Had our shelter not suffered the incidences of contagious disease last fall, it would have attained this 90% goal which is the level at which it would have been considered a “No Kill” shelter. We need a facility that will prevent animals from becoming sick. And while this decrease in euthanasia is and should be applauded, it also means that the animals that do come into the shelter are now being housed longer. The existing shelter is often at double its capacity, and we need a facility with enough space to house these animals and achieve ‘No-Kill’ status.”


– Kristen Hammett, Veterinarian, DVM 
Animal Hospital of Waynesville and Haywood County Animal Shelter
President of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association 2015-2016
American Animal Hospital Association member since 1996


Economical Building Design


“The new Haywood County Animal Shelter was designed after careful analysis of the County needs and assessed by Animal Arts, a very highly respected Animal Shelter consultant . The shelter is designed to be a comfortable and healthy environment for the animals and for the staff, with the resources and space needed for the present and for future needs, with budget and sustainability as a priority.”


– Randy Cunningham, Architect, AIA


Our Partners include: