Come Meet our PETS of the Week – Cascade & Cinder

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Cascade is a fun-loving laser-chasing girl!


Ike is looking to meet the love of his life & get adopted into his forever home!


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Introducing our Pet’s of the Week – Cascade & Cinder!


Fees are Waived on ALL Pet’s of the Week (current & prior)!


Cascade is a 7 month old special needs kitty.

She came to the shelter on July 1st as a tiny tot with a parasite infection.

Her vet says, ”Nerve damage from parasite infestation – does not have 100% control of bowels – will use litterbox most of the time but may have accidents outside box – solid, perfect poops though.”

Cascade needs a daily wipe down below her tail, but otherwise keeps herself clean & is healthy otherwise.

Her foster mom said, “She is not hard to clean after, just a load of her blankets once a week to wash & a drip or two to wipe here & there.”

Cascade is a fun loving, laser chasing girl & loves to play & sit on a soft blanket with the staff. She also loves tunneling into her blankets like a kitty purrito. She has a wonderful rumbling purr during snuggle time & plays very hard with lots of kitten energy!

We are hopeful her condition won’t deter people from meeting her & hopefully, adopting her!




I’m a bubbly, handsome, funny guy just waiting to prance into your life & bring you joy.

First, a little history about me. Let us get the sad stuff out of the way – I came here after my owner passed away. We loved each other VERY much. He was my world & I was his, he gave me the absolute best life. We spent every day together & he taught me how to be the fantastic dog that I am now. I miss him but I am ready for the next chapter of my life to begin.

Now for the important stuff – ME – I am great on a leash & I love exploring the great outdoors & sniffing as we stroll through the neighborhood. I like meeting people & have never met a stranger. I like playing with toys & I am filled with fun energy! I’m a pretty easy going happy guy! I’d be the perfect dog for a medium-energy household that just wants a handsome dude, like myself, to spend some time kicking back with! I need to be the ONLY DOG…

I’m very happy to snuggle with you & I hope you like to go for car rides because I love to ride! I would prefer a home where someone is home more than not as that is what I am used to. Something that I am very proud of is that I am house trained! With me being out of that puppy chew up everything stage, your belonging will be safe!

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with someone who will love me & make me as happy as I will make them. Will that be you?

Pictured with Cinder:

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Call, Email, or Stop by:

Haywood County Animal Services

453 Jones Cove Road

Clyde, NC 28721

828-456-5338, Ext 2

Adoption Hours: Mon-Fri, 12n-5p & Sat 12n-4p




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