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Meet Sickle

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She is FULL of LOVE!

She has been at the Shelter over 220 Days!


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Here at Haywood County Animal Services we have all kinds of animals with all kinds of differences, some are special needs.

Our little Sickle came into the shelter when she was around 1 pound on June 29th  2022. She had an eye issue that needed surgery, but had to be 4 pounds before she could have that surgery. So she waited and waited.

Sickle had her surgery to remove a micro eye (birth defect) and we also found out, while she was recovering, she is possibly neuro in a way that is comparable to an autistic child.

As Sickle has grown she has progressively shown more sensitivity issues. She cannot be around any other pets, she cannot be around kids and she cannot be in a home that is not willing to understand her triggers and work with her.

Sickle is a very playful, now 8 months old, orange and white, one-eyed cat. As far as we know she is physically sound. She loves, loves her toys, loves her kick stix and loves when people play with her.

We do not see a reason this mentally handicapped girl, at this point, cannot live a full, happy and healthy life.

We are looking for that special someone or someone’s to give this girl a chance. Please call us so we can give you a rundown of her needs, trigger issues and what it will take to get her in a successful relationship with people.

Sickle has been at the shelter now for 220 days.

COME SEE Sickle!


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453 Jones Cove Road, Clyde, NC 28721
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