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I’m Diesel

🌟🐾 Featured Pet of the Week 🐾🌟

Meet Diesel: Our Featured Pets of the Week!

Did YOU See my Picture Last week and Guess Where I Went on a Field Trip with Tammy & Rachel? Well, HERE is my REVEAL!
Dear Future Family,
My name is Diesel, and I’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity to find my forever home. Since August 19, 2023, I’ve been wagging my tail and hoping that someone would notice me. It’s baffling to me that despite being a staff and fan favorite, I’m still here at the shelter.
Every day, I watch as families come and go, hoping that one of them will be the one to take me home. I can’t understand why nobody has chosen me yet. All I want is to love and be loved in return, to have a warm bed to snuggle up in, and someone to play fetch with in the backyard.
I promise to be the most loyal companion you could ever ask for. I’ll greet you with endless kisses, listen to your every word, and be there for you through thick and thin. Please, won’t you give me a chance to be a part of your family?
I may just be a dog, but my heart is full of love, and I’m ready to share it with you. All I need is a chance to prove that I’m worthy of your love and affection. Please, take a chance on me and make my dreams of finding a forever home come true.
With hopeful eyes and a wagging tail,
🏑 Location: 453 Jones Cove Road, Clyde, NC
πŸ“ž Phone: 828-456-5338
🐢 Adoption Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm




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