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Theo and Oliver

🌟🐾 Featured Pet of the Week 🐾🌟

Meet Theo & Oliver: Our Featured Pets of the Week!

These two handsome feline brothers aren’t biological siblings, but their bond is unbreakable!

Theo, the distinguished 12-year-old gentleman, weighs in at a solid 18 pounds, but don’t let that fool you – he’s still playful and loves a good cuddle session. Oliver, his sprightly 6-year-old brother, keeps Theo young at heart! They both love playtime and showers of affection.

Special Needs Sweethearts: Theo & Oliver require a little extra TLC when it comes to their weight management and diet. A balanced diet and regular activity are key to their well-being.

Looking for a Double Dose of Love? These inseparable cuddle buddies are ready for their forever home together! The adoption fee for Theo & Oliver is only $50! With love and care, they’ll bring you many years of joy. ❀️

Can you give Theo & Oliver the loving home they deserve? Contact us today! #adoptdontshop #specialneedscats #fureverhome




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