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FROM: Kristen Laesser


The Haywood County Animal Shelter needs foster care for the dogs and cats coming into the shelter. Foster care is essential for many animals to help them on their way to finding forever homes through adoption. Fosters do make a difference for the animals they take into their home for a short period of time. A friendly, home environment is so much better for the animal than a kennel to prepare them for adoption. The shelter is offering an information session on how to become a foster and what is required. This event will take place Saturday, April 13, 2024, 10 am at the Haywood County Animal Shelter, 453 Jones Cove Road, Clyde. Please register with Kristen Laesser, Animal Services Community Outreach Coordinator, at or 828 476-0274.

You will learn what it takes to become a foster, all the essentials that the shelter provides while you are fostering: food, supplies and even medical care to properly take care of your foster. Check out this session to see if it is for you! Fostering does come with lots of kisses and cuddles!

Monica Leslie is a foster for HCAS and wants everyone to know; “My family has been fostering kittens for HCAS for three fun and rewarding years. Fostering means constant kitten cuddles, and there is nothing better! I work full time, so I choose to foster kittens who have been weaned from their mom or the bottle, as the case may be. I have a bedroom set up with a litter box and toys where they stay when they first come to live with us until they are big and adventurous enough, then we give them the run of the house. There is a dog and three permanent resident cats in my home, and I think giving the kittens exposure to them helps prepare them for their future homes.”

As for those who worry about becoming too attached to their charges, Monica says “People often ask me if it is difficult to give them back. Of course it is, because we fall in love with every kitten. But I know that I have helped raise well-socialized kittens who are ready for their forever homes where they will be loved. It is wonderful to know that they can spend time in a home environment instead of a kennel. And when the kittens are old enough to be fixed, then adopted, we get more little kittens! Definitely a win-win.”

So, join us on April 13 to see if there is some way you can make a difference and benefit from the feeling that you have.

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