Our Focus Initiatives to Support the Animals

The Friends institutes a variety of initiatives to keep the Haywood County Animal Shelter connected with our community and partners. Through various outreach initiatives, we are able to support the needs of the shelter staff, community members, and the animals we serve.

Medical Needs

Serving the animals is critical to the shelter’s success. With funding and training for medical needs, our team works hard to ensure funds are available for special needs that may arise and any ongoing services needed for healthy animals.

Employee Education

Keeping employees educated on the latest information is key to running a successful shelter. With professional development and industry specific training, employees can stay up-to-date on the latest trends, ideas, and new guidance.

Community Outreach

Supporting our community is key to ensuring we are a good partner for all. By providing special seminars, trainings, and events, we can ensure we are meeting the community needs throughout the year.

Day to Day Operations

Day to Day operations are critical for a successful shelter to run. With the right technology, tools, and employees, supporting the needs of daily operations is critical for the shelter to run smoothly.

High Live Release Rate

Haywood County Animal shelter prides itself on a high live release rate and maintaining this rate is the result of all the efforts occurring in harmony with each other.

Increase Awareness of Services

Ensuring that the community is aware of the services we offer makes a successful shelter. From rabies clinics to adoptions, being there for the community in a variety of ways is key to our support of the shelter and its success.

Get Involved

There are many ways to be apart of our initiatives, whether it's through donating your time or your treasure. By making an investment in Haywood County’s new animal shelter, you’ll be investing in the local economy and providing animals and county residents with services they need.

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