Kitty Cats Galore with Judge Wingate and Neonate Specialist and Cat Whisperer Kelli Miller!

Various Cats with Judge Wingate and Kelli Miller - Pets of the Week FB Profile Pic

Mollie, Storm, Cleo, Ashley & Bottle Baby Nikita!


These Kitties went for a Field Trip to See Judge Wingate!


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About Mollie – Mollie is the adult black and white cat.  She is the ultimate lap and snuggle buddy!  She loves other cats and is a calm quiet kitty – Purrfect for the couch potato person!


Storm is the Tortie Kitten and is a Female


Cleo is the Calico Kitten and is a Female


Ashley is the dilute kitten and is a Female


Nikita is the two week old male kitten bottle baby.  He came in at 2 days old and is growing and doing great.  Big thanks to Friends for the supplies of kitten milk replacer, nipples, incubator, snuggle safe heat disk and the feeding tubes for the first 24-hours that saved his life…


To learn more about these kitties & their availability, call the Shelter at 828-456-5338, Ext 2!



Mollie, Storm, Cleo, Ashley & Nikita are pictured with:

Kelli Miller  –  Adoption Counselor and Neonate Specialist with Haywood County Animal Services:  I started out in rescue in 2012 as a volunteer and neonate foster.  I started a career with Animal Services in 2019.  I have been a foster of orphan neonate kittens and puppies for the shelter since 2017. “My job is what makes my day special. I like getting up, coming to work and making a difference to the animals in our care.”

Judge Kaleb Wingate – Born and raised in Haywood County. Currently serves as a District Court Judge. Lives in Waynesville near Main Street. Best of luck to the Kitties! Thank you to the Haywood County Animal Services!




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