“New Leash on Life” Adoption Center at the Haywood County Animal Shelter

“New Leash on Life”, Haywood County Animal Shelter’s adoption center, officially opened to the public in April. The long overdue animal shelter has proven the adage “If you build it, ‘they’ will come”. The cats and dogs have been arriving in such increasing numbers that the new shelter is now at capacity.


The “New Leash on Life” Adoption Center should be the first place to check if you are thinking about adding a new cat or dog to your family. You will be delighted with the pleasant environment the animals now enjoy while waiting for their “New Leash on Life”. No longer smelly and noisy, the shelter invites a potential adopter to take time looking to find their perfect-pet-match. The meet and greet rooms allow you to meet the animals you like one on one in an almost home like setting. You can spend time getting to know your potential new family in a relaxed setting.


The “New Leash on Life” Adoption Center has staff dedicated to assist with adoptions. They are familiar with the shelter animals and can help guide you in your selection. Don’t put off adopting – do it now. The center is located at the Haywood County Animal Shelter, 453 Jones Cove Road, Clyde, NC 28721. Phone: 828-456-5333.


The Friends of Haywood County Animal Shelter are still raising funds to meet their pledge to the county and to continue to support the needs of the shelter that the budget does not cover. Check out the shelter and see if you would like to honor a loved one by donating or donating your time as a volunteer to help these animals find a new home. For more information check out http://hcasfriends.org.


The animals are eagerly awaiting your visit – “What a Difference a Friend Can Make.”

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