Pup Play Date

Pup Play Date at HCSO
A dog? In the office? How could that be good?!
Just ask the Staff at Haywood County Sheriff’s Office! Ruby (who is available for Adoption), Kristen (the HCAS Community Outreach Coordinator) were on-site introducing the Staff to Pup Play Date!
Contrary to popular belief, having animals in an office environment has a LOT of benefits! Not only is the animal getting socialization, interactions, and play, but the people get a mental break, too! Even just a few minutes of animal interaction can boost mood, morale, and serotonin levels in office workers. Because of this, we at Haywood County Animal Services are introducing Pup Play Dates! An HCAS Staff member and adoptable pup will come to the office and walk around, interacting with workers, clients, or anyone in between! This is a fun way to spread awareness of adoptable animals at the shelter, and also to give office workers a fun intermission to boost productivity.
Interested? Please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we can set up a time!
Kristen Laesser
Community Outreach Coordinator
Haywood County Animal Services
453 Jones Cove Road
Clyde, NC 28721
Phone: 828-356-2582
Fax: 828-456-9340
County Internal Extension 2582
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