Raddish is our Pet of the Week and He’s an Absolutely delightful Pup!

FB Profile Pic Pet of the Week - Raddish with Nicole Day

Raddish is full of Energy & Curiosity

He’s an Absolutely Delightful Pup!


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Introducing our Pet of the Week – Raddish!


Fees are Waived for Pet of the Week!


Raddish is an absolutely delightful pup, full of energy and curiosity! With his personality and smart mind, he’s sure to keep any active owner on their toes.

If you’re someone who loves to get out and explore the world, Raddish would be the perfect companion for you.

It’s important to note that Raddish is still learning many things, particularly when it comes to manners. However, with some guidance from a confident leader, he’s sure to become a well-behaved member of any forever family.

If you’re ready to take on the exciting challenge of raising a high energy pup like Raddish, he’s sure to reward you with endless love, affection, and playtime.


Pictured with Raddish is – Nicole Day, Part Time Kennel Attendant – 

Hello, I’m Nicole and I work at the shelter as a kennel attendant. I clean up after the dogs and cats and help with enrichment for all the animals in our care. I have two boys at home along with my husband, and we have two dogs named Rogue and KJ. 


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