Ruby is our Featured Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week

Ruby is Lovable!

She will provide YOU with endless Pleasure, Amusement & Joy!


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Our Pet of the Week, Ruby!  

Shelter Staff made the following comments about Ruby…

Walk with me, hike with me, or run with me. Put your hands on me, pet me from the tip of my nose to the end of my tail (which has the cutest curl).

Give me treats, give me a safe place to live, spend time with me, love me. In return, I will provide you with endless pleasure, amusement, joy and love.

We can hike the hills, hang at our house, or how about a road trip to the Grand Canyon! I can enrich your life while you enrich mine, we could be 2 peas in a pod.

You could teach me how to catch a Frisbee, I bet I’d be good at it. I can’t promise I won’t drink out of the toilet, unless it’s ok with you, it is at such a handy height.

Please do both of us a favor and come meet me, I am ready to start creating memories with my forever family.!

The shelter staff think I am about 4 years old.

I have been at the shelter since April, 2023.

Call, Email, or Stop by:
Haywood County Animal Services
453 Jones Cove Road
Clyde, NC 28721
828-456-5338, Opt 2
About Ruby’s photo-shoot buddies…
Kris Boyd, a Haywood County native, currently serves as the Assistant Manager of the county. He is a Tuscola graduate and owns 30 cattle. Additionally, he has a grown daughter.
Deb Hermida is an HCAS Adoption Counselor who started as a volunteer four years ago and is now a paid “matchmaker.” Her passion is helping HCAS animals by spending time with them, getting to know them, and keeping them enriched and happy so that they can find their fur-ever homes. Deb and her husband, Jose, have two dogs and a 13-year-old “barn cat.”

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