Sadie’s Success Story


I first met Sadie when I was volunteering as a dog walker thru Sarge’s Animal Rescue. Ms. Sadie was in custody at the Haywood County Animal Shelter in January 2020. I saw her lying in her kennel, she made eye contact and her tail would wag so fast. There was a wagon that the Shelter staff used to get her outside to give her some fresh air. After that first time taking her out in her “ride”, I would spend my time with her. NEVER did I hear her whine, but she seemed so happy. I would always leave her at the shelter in her kennel with a clean bed and a bowl of food.

I came to learn that Ms. Sadie was a victim of abuse and neglect. But, her spirit and will were so strong. Monday, February 03, 2020, Ms. Sadie came into our home as our “foster child”. She has a brother and sister that love her very much. She has gained weight and has quite a spunky spirit!

Ms. Sadie is carried in and out of our home so she can do her business and get fresh air. She goes on rides in her “wheels” and is always so happy! We know she hurts as every time she tries to stand we hear popping and cracking….BUT, still no crying.

With the help of Friends of Haywood County Animal Shelter, we were able to pursue the best treatment for Sadie. While the options were limited due to her physical disabilities we hoped that the use of orthopedic braces might help her to be able to use her front legs better. Eventually, we hoped she would be able to use a wheelchair. The support of the community and Friends of Haywood County Animal Shelter was amazing! Sadie would not have been able to pursue the leg braces without the funds being so quickly raised.

Now Sadie is a permanent member of our family. Sadie has had some setbacks but she is very much loved and cared for. We are so very thankful to the staff of the Haywood County Animal Shelter, everyone who has contributed to her care, and Dr. Morgan Plemmons for supporting Sadie along this journey.

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